Relax in the Gorgeous Gardens of Rome

Gianicolo – Discover one of the most beautiful gardens in Rome. Behind Trastevere and on the Gianicolo (Janiculum) Hill, be ready for a breathtaking panoramic view of Rome encompassing all things ancient, modern, and natural. The botanic gardens (Orto Botanico) stretch out for 12 hectares, measuring around 2,000 square meters full of greenhouses, plant cultivation, a Japanese garden, and over 7,000 different flowers. Pope Nicholas III cultivated the garden in the late 13th century and it is today managed by the Sapienza University of Rome. There are also facilities to welcome disabled visitors on a specially designed path with battery-powered chairs and a section of the garden, the Garden of Scents, providing the blind with information concerning the garden in braille.

Sacro Bosco – In the Villa Orsini, Sacro Bosco (also known as the Park dei Monstri created by Prince Vicino Orsini) is recognised as more of a sculpture park than garden, but nevertheless rich in its greenery. Designed by Bomarzo, the park offers a plethora of statues of gods and beasts intertwined with ravines and nature. Discover at every corner some form of art atypical to what you would find at St. Peter’s. Visit the Villa of Wonders, a tragic work that Prince Vicino Orsini began dedicating to his wife until she suddenly died at a young age, prompting the project to stop and later continue in her honor. The symbolism within this sculpture park/garden is undeniable, so long as you are curious enough.