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Walking Tours in Rome

Rome is the city to explore on foot. The plethora of various tours will readily satisfy your curiosity—and not just around the Vatican or the Colosseum. Discover the tours that will take you away from the crowds and bring you into the world of Renaissance art, the underground world of Rome or Baroque Rome. Meet your professional guides with degrees in Art History or Archaeology, the locals who are eager to share their city with you, or the expats who want to make you one of them as well. 

Explore Rome with an appetite through the Rome Food & Pizza-Making Tour. Stroll through food markets in Campo de’ Fiori, taste prosciutto in different forms, bake your own custom Roman pizza at a local pizzeria, and learn what separates Roman food from other Italian food. 

Understand how locals call the Eternal City their home through the Rome As A Local: Hidden Gems & Ancient Wonders Tour. You will find yourself fully avoiding tourist hotspots and delving into the unexpected parts of Rome where the locals only bring their friends. Discover the secret parts of the Jewish Ghetto, the ancient Roman Appian Way, the Park of the Aqueducts and panoramic views of the „real Rome.“ 

Partake in the VIP Colosseum Underground Tour With Roman Forum & Palatine Hill that will transform your understanding of Ancient Rome. Walk across the arena floor, look over the stadium and Palantine Hill from the third tier, and explore the areas that are normally closed off to the general public. With VIP access to the Colosseum, prepare to hear about the legendary tales that brought the Colosseum to life. 

Delve into the Sistine Chapel with the Pristine Sistine - the Chapel At Its Best Tour. Enter the Sistine Chapel before the crowds step in, move to the Vatican Museums with the Raphael Rooms, and explore St. Peter’s Basilica. Gaze at the masterpieces around you but engage with the tour guides who will enlighten you about the historic collections, palaces and story behind it all. 

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Essential Day Trips

Easy and Beautiful Days Trips from Rome

In case the Eternal City is nothing short of overwhelming, journey outside of the Roman walls and into the towns nestled along rolling hills and harbors. Rent a car or board a train to make your way towards these stunning locations for the perfect day trip away from Rome. Walk through the countryside just 30 kilometers north of Rome or head south to indulge in porchetta sandwiches and a fantastic view of Rome. The names such as Tuscany and Pompeii won’t be too unfamiliar. And don’t even hesitate to try the wine. 

Ostia Antica - Take the train for 45 minutes to get to Ostia Antica, Ancient Rome’s old port city. Discover the insula, the ancient apartments, or the entire archaeological site with the amphitheater, Baths of Neptune and taverns. Guided tours are available to properly explore the past life of this town, which began around the 4th century B.C. and was home to over 100,000 people.  

Tivoli - Situated an hour from Rome, Tivoli offers you Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este, the past vacation homes of Roman elites and UNESCO-listed treasures of the Lazio region. Step into the Renaissance and Ancient Rome to find here the Benedictine convent, the Fountain of Neptune, gardens, waterfalls, fountains, trees, baths, temples, and the emperor Hadrian’s estate with over 30 buildings that was built in honor of his lover. 

Pompeii - Travel via train from Rome to Naples and board the Circumvesuviana train to reach your final destination of Pompeii. See the backdrop that is Mount Vesuvius and tour around the ancient city forever changed by the devastating volcanic eruption in 79 A.D. Join a group tour and walk to the summit of Mt. Vesuvius for breathtaking views of the town that was once a flourishing Roman city and is now full of UNESCO-listed treasures. 

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Best River Cruises

Roman River Cruises

Explore Rome along the Tiber River for a different view of the Eternal City. Different from the river cruises expected in Paris or London, these options still provide a time to relax away from the crowds. See past the 19th century walls that encompass the Tiber as you dine on the River Night Cruise, sip wine on the Wine Bar Cruise or explore famous monuments on the Hop-On-Hop-Off Cruise. 

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